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For the best city!

When were developing Suzie's menu, we traveled near and far; eating hot dogs for days, weeks, months! We ate some really fantastic hot dogs, but they were missing something. They were missing the love from their cities. Suzie's is proud to call Youngstown home. We love our city and the feelings are mutual. Writing a menu for our city to indulge was like making dinner for grandma, nerve-wracking! It had to be perfect, these are our friends and family that we are serving! We pulled it off. Exciting house-made toppings to accompany delicious hot dogs flow freely. The New England Buns toasted to perfection while the Chicago Buns hold just the right amount of steam. We took a lot of time to write this menu to ensure its quality and integrity. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience and look forward to the next time!

Suzie's Food

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